The Daily Yogi #22: Creamy Kale Dream Smoothie

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I recently bought a Nutribullet after having a Magic Bullet for years. This product makes amazing smoothies! You can add stems and seeds, nuts as well as fruits and veggies. Be sure not to fill past the Max line. For this one I used Kale, Carrot, Banana, Green Apple, Pear, Dates, Avocado topped with Cilantro and Chia. For liquid, about 6 ounces of filtered water will do, or add any juice, almond or soy milk as an alternative. This smoothie has huge antioxidants, high fiber, low fat, protein, iron, vitamins A, C, K and others. And with the Nutribullet as opposed to a juicer, you get all of the fiber. The avocado in this one adds a creamy texture, but be careful not to add too much. I only used a tablespoon full. The combination of dates and avocado made all the difference.

I added a handful of unsalted almonds to the small Nutribullet cup and used the milling blade. This turned the almonds to powder in about 30 seconds. After blending the fruits and veggies, add the superfood, in this case almonds. Sometimes it makes sense to pour some out, add liquid and remix if it comes out too thick. Top with garnishment and serve. I blended some dates into the smoothie which gave it a nice, natural sweetness. Then I added some on top, chopped small, just sitting on top of the cilantro leaves. Then I sprinkled a few chia seeds on top. It was fantastic, creamy and smooth. See how happy Tysa is in the picture!

Sober tip: Instead of inviting friends over for cocktails, have them by for a smoothie party!


DarrenThe Daily Yogi #22: Creamy Kale Dream Smoothie